Privacy policy

A quick summary

  • We don't store your personal details
  • We don't store your email address
  • We don't store any personal information about you whatsoever

This means we can't bother you by phone or email, sell your details or just accidentally lose them to a computer hacker (not that we would).

However while we would never link to anyone disreputable, we can't guarantee everyone (and by this we mostly mean Google and LinkedIn) cares about this as much as we do. So if you click a link to another website make sure it's reputable and you understand their privacy policy.

In case you were wondering; LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, the IN logo and InMail are registered trademarks or trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries (and nothing to do with us).

The details

This privacy policy relates to using the RecruitEm website ( and any other website used as part of the RecruitEm service. RecruitEm is the name of a free service produced and maintained by Clever Biscuit Ltd based at 145 - 157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW.

1. Definitions

User: That's you. Anyone who uses the RecruitEm service.

Personal information: Anything that can realistically be used to identify you; your name, email address, telephone number etc.

Anonymous information: Information that can't realistically be used to identify you e.g. your computer operating system, what browser you are using.

2. Terms

2.1 Clever Biscuit cannot verify the security, or actions of any third party site or service. A link from RecruitEm doesn't mean the other site follows our privacy guidelines. Assess each site you visit for its reliability.

2.2. While we use industry standard security technology to secure the RecruitEm service we can't 100% guarantee that we will never fall victim to malicious hackers. In the event our security is breached we can't take responsibility for any losses occurring from this.

2.3. Any statement you make in a public place e.g. a LinkedIn message is just that - public - please don't share anything you wouldn't want everyone to know. We can't take responsibility for any losses that occur from public disclosure or the use of this service generally.

3. Cookies (the non-delicious kind)

Cookies are small text files most websites use to add functionality (like remembering a variable) or measuring how you use the site. This site only uses 5 cookies - 4 of which are for the 'Google Analytics' tool that tells us how many people are using our sites. For more information about Google Analytics cookies try this FAQ from Google.

The other cookie stores the saved searches if you hit 'Save this search', if you'd rather not have this cookie just manually make a note of any useful searches.

For the delicious kind of cookie see Maebellyne's original biscuit recipe.

4. Contact

The designated Privacy Officer is Chris Reynolds. If you'd like to ask in person about how Clever Biscuit Ltd uses your data (or not), you can write to him at; 145 - 157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW or

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