About Recruit'em

November 2016: Version 4 is here!

Better searching:

  • A clean new interface
  • Job title suggestions as you type
  • Much faster loading
  • Search LinkedIn by employer

And a new tool for you: the Job Ad Optimiser gives you keywords that help your job ads rank in Google, Indeed and job boards, and ensure they resonate with candidates you're looking for.

The more you use it, the better it gets. There's nothing else like it and it's still free and annonymous.

If there are features you'd like, or for press queries, contact us @CleverBiscuit or hello@cleverbiscuit.com.

The history

One fine summer's day, Maebellyne was working as a contractor at a recruitment agency trying to find suitable candidates on LinkedIn, but was hindered by LinkedIn's limit of one hundred results and only seeing 3rd degree contacts.

Being a 'digital native' (someone who doesn't get out much), she realised that Google already had tens of millions of LinkedIn profiles available for free. She immediately got to work building clever boolean queries to find her candidates, with great success.

This tool is a simple way to construct the very same boolean queries (and more), but with the benefit of a nice simple interface.

It's entirely free and anonymous and not in any way shape or form associated with LinkedIn, which is a registered trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation.

Who built it

Recruit'em (formerly RecruitIn before LinkedIn's lawyers strenuously objected) is a project by Clever Biscuit - 5 professsional computer types who build free tools to help people out.

For more about Clever Biscuit visit us at cleverbiscuit.com, say hi at: hello@cleverbiscuit.com or get product updates at: @CleverBiscuit

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